A gorgeous girl, everyone is jealous of her, SHE'S THE BEST AT EVERYTHING
That's me josie ;) i made that🤫
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Osi is very friendly , kind soesng like to share, If shes yoyr best friend takes your stuff AND food
Osi is so nice i want to be her friend
by Magical dinasour November 27, 2019
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A wonderful girl,a bit shy ,Osi Loves art is a bit sensitive, Loves Dogs especially golden retrievers if shes your best friend she will take your food and your stuff.
"Osi is so nice i wanna be her friend!"
by Magical dinasour November 27, 2019
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is...well...amazing. He is insanely cute but is mega hot at the same time.

His smile will light up your day. He never fails to make you smile or blush like a idiot. You will lost in his deep brown eyes (I know I have). His laugh is literally the cutest and most contagious thing ever.

He is insecure at times but will never fail to shower you with compliments.

He is one smooth mother fucker when it comes to sweet talking. He is surprisingly flirty and very good at it. He can make any girl fall head over heels for him in a matter of seconds with one swoop of his hair.

He is insanely sexy. He doesn’t need to do much to turn you on. He is a freak in the bed. Do it once with him and your addicted.

He is a amazing friend. He is caring, understanding, and will do anything to make you feel better. You feel as if you can tell him anything. He is funny, spontaneous, a goofball and quirky at times (but it’s adorable). You can do anything with him and have no judgement, cause most likely he’s done the same thing.

He has been through some rough times and has flaws but it able to work through them. He is able to help you with anything and be there for you through thick and thin.
Osi is an amazing guy
by Siiam February 1, 2020
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True elite sexiness wrapped up in a homosexual vibe, or execing the cfg.
I want to be like Osi. - I want to be elite, sexy and a cfging homosexual
by Osi February 13, 2003
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The kindest man you'll ever meet. He's a breathtaking person to see. He'll help you get through any stage of emotions you just got to tell him what's wrong. He's the kind of man who will make women bite her lip, thinking inside her head "Take off your shirt, please take off your shirt" but sadly he has a girlfriend. He plays the piano that makes his girl blush, the girl he's dating is supportive and loving to all. He works out having abs just like Rasputin. If you see Osy, talk to him start a conversation it's simple but you have to have very good details because he loves to hear them.
Girlfriend- "Hey Osy "*smiles*
Osy- "Hey" *smirks*
Girlfriend- "Jesus" *blushes*
Osy- "Chill it, it's not I'm going stick my dick in your..." *chuckles*
Girlfriend- "Why are you so alluring" *giggles while blushing*
Osy- "I don't know you tell me" *takes her shirt off*
by iiBambi November 21, 2017
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Osis is an acronym that stands for "On Some iLL Shit" O.S.I.S created by Zayah G
"Dam jboy looking Osis"
"That guy over there look like he Osis"
"He Osis Af"
by zayahg January 26, 2017
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