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The kindest man you'll ever meet. He's a breathtaking person to see. He'll help you get through any stage of emotions you just got to tell him what's wrong. He's the kind of man who will make women bite her lip, thinking inside her head "Take off your shirt, please take off your shirt" but sadly he has a girlfriend. He plays the piano that makes his girl blush, the girl he's dating is supportive and loving to all. He works out having abs just like Rasputin. If you see Osy, talk to him start a conversation it's simple but you have to have very good details because he loves to hear them.
Girlfriend- "Hey Osy "*smiles*
Osy- "Hey" *smirks*
Girlfriend- "Jesus" *blushes*
Osy- "Chill it, it's not I'm going stick my dick in your..." *chuckles*
Girlfriend- "Why are you so alluring" *giggles while blushing*
Osy- "I don't know you tell me" *takes her shirt off*
by iiBambi April 20, 2018
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Osy is a dude who loves having a good time. He can say mean stuff to people but they shouldn't take it seriously (like EFUA). He loves to play soccer and has been an honor roll student since fourth grade. He can be harsh on the outside but on the inside, he is a big softy. And he would be a great boyfriend. He has not had any experience with girls. So if you want to talk, you know where he'll be. And he is NOT talking about ANY girls in his school. At school, he has lots of friends and he has three main best friends named Benny, Justin, and Quinton. Sadly his best ever friend left last year (tears and more tears).
Osy doesn't have a crush on anyone in his school.
by awsomesawce234 May 07, 2018
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