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One of the most brilliant and respected roots artists in Jamaica's history, Burning Spear (aka Winston Rodney) has unleashed a host of classic dread records over the years. Part Rastafarian preacher, part black historian, more than any other roots artist, Burning Spear has illuminated Rastafarianism in song, sharing his beliefs with an avid public.
Burning Spear is one of the most accomplished Reggae artists today.
by osi November 21, 2005
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better than 1337
omfg, your PC isn't 1337, it's überleet !!!!
by Osi October 09, 2003
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The use of uber fake skills everysingle time u play
Paddy playing well in a match / public
by Osi February 13, 2003
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True elite sexiness wrapped up in a homosexual vibe, or execing the cfg.
I want to be like Osi. - I want to be elite, sexy and a cfging homosexual
by Osi February 13, 2003
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