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Adj. someone who is so awesome/weird/crazy/fun or all four that its almost impossible to describe what they're like
Did you see that guy back flip off the roof?

YEAH! that was such an orozco move
by Prince martris June 20, 2014
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The last name of the person who is the smartest and wisest yet smallest. They are one of the funniest people who later end up becoming one of the tallest at full growth. They are not good to argue against for they get mad even though they are almost always right. It is mostly the name of a mexican person who is not very good at any sports when short that need height.
Dang he is smart and funny, must be an Orozco
by Bean Bros fan February 16, 2020
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To completley cut off your sideburns and yet still have your hair long enough to tuck around your ears.
Matt has the Orozco going on with those jean shorts on.
by Blue Crabber December 15, 2008
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a retired dean who always yells at kids at lunch because she has nothing better to do. she is probably stressed about how she has like 20 kids and how she couldnt attend being a dean anymore because she got pregnant again and so ms lewis has to take over. her pussy probably is so stinky and stretched out from having too many fucking kids
Mrs. Orozco: hey ima go fuck again and have another kid cuz why not lol
by sluncky June 12, 2019
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When you are going down on a girl and you stick your nose in her vagina. AKA nose-fucking someone.
I was eating her out and i pulled a dirty Orozco on her.
by UCSC_Victorio October 1, 2010
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Person dedicated to MMA, hard-working, and also loves to smoke weed and also funny
Man I smoked w/ julio orozco

Dude don't mess w/ him he's julio orozco
by r. kelly March 20, 2013
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a beautiful amazing perfect girl names Dixie Day Orozco Garland very sexy most sexy girl in the universe mind melting she is legend the only one of her kind there is no way to fully describe her yet for she is that perfect it hurts people till this day still speak of her as a the most perfect sexy girl to set foot on earth some say she is a god i say legendary godess that's mine belongs to i scott garland ALLL MINE!
by scott garland December 7, 2012
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