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A God forsaken island forgotten in the middle of the Med. The "hub" of Europe, Malta has been backdoored by every conceivable power that crossed Europe from the Greeks to the Romans, from the Arabs to the Templars, from the French to the Brits with some Vikings, Phoenicians, Carthagenians, Spaniards, Germans, Venitians and Sicilians thrown in to add some spice. In his many travels Marco Polo never came to Malta and Genghis Khan had this to say: "Ah Marrtah! Bin Lei Chat Hai". Hitler vowed to destroy the island and sent the Italians to bomb the island in WWII. Fortunately we dont speak German now and we proudly carry the George Cross for bravery. They say that the last of the Romanhofs fled to Malta.
The Romans said of Malta: Melita, ceteris paribus, paradisum cum bellum qahbum est!
by TSARINA November 29, 2005
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Disorganised and corrupt... NOT clever
The Organised crime mastermind is in jail again.. because he is above the law ?

That's what He reckons.!!
But the
Crook Cops required
To evade the law

Must follow the law

To be above the law

For deluded crims


law breaking
NOT Best match
Opposites attract
JAIL ha ha
by TSARINA November 10, 2017
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He's a BIKIE moron
by TSARINA November 10, 2017
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Usually an insanely deluded do do bird (criminal) in a jail cell who's so FUCKEN thick he thinks he's above the Law but is actually below The law .

Because incarcerated by Law
Suffers ...
Delusions of grandeur

A dangerous headspace

Keep away...

From crooks

They suck ...
at everything..
Even crime

Above the law BIKIE boss "so and so" was sentenced in court today for 567556876 grams of methamphetamine found in his undies.. the judge said his excuse was petty and He Must remember it getting under his ball sack.. he got 3 years in jail ...

Above The law is his nickname.

That's All
by TSARINA November 11, 2017
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