I don't feel like going out tonight, I'm just going to call the escort service and order in.
by captainspalding May 28, 2010
Shall be done in a particular manner, or according to a method or plan
I have wash, get ready for work and drop of the kids; in that order
by ElevatedOne July 13, 2017
To violently beat your elbow on a surface and call order on your friends to settle down
by SpinyVenus November 28, 2019
1. The polar opposite of Chaos.

2. A state of reality in which one's reality is under control. ie. Peace.

3. A command.
1. Order negates Chaos. Chaos negates Order. Without one, you cannot have the other.

2. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

3. See command.
by Psydon July 1, 2005
A fictional(?) racist group from the Turner Diaries. The Order is part Neo-Nazi part KKK. The main Charater joins the Order to fullfill his destiny and die for the 14 words.
"The Order handed out our assignments. I have to join with Section 8 to get explosives."
by Legaykidd July 12, 2008
Autistic Physics teacher who takes anger out with physical violence on walls and tables
Student: Sir have you marked my homework?

Orders teacher: 'stops kicking wall' No I FUCKING HAVEN'T

'head butts desk'
' and kick walls again'
by Edploof2 March 5, 2019
Order is Jesus. Order is Twins with car and is one of Stars 8 children. She writes fanfics about sad men doing sad things like demon go possess. Order is a 5ievel apologist. Order is our beloved all hail.
by Mei is a duck June 2, 2021