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The alleged spiritual energy within all human beings. According to a certain group of Japanese artists, channelling your Ki will allow you to perform normally impossible tasks, such as shooting a Kamehameha wave from your hands.

Note: It is the exact same thing as Chi.
Basically, Ki is what souls are made of.
by Psydon August 9, 2004
The absolute best card ever printed for Magic: The Gathering.

This card is so good that people today buy it for prices of AT LEAST $1000.00

This card is so good that cards that were specifically made to do exactly 1/3 of what it does (Lotus Petal) and cards that were specifically made to be insanely crappy versions of it (Lion's Eye Diamond) got banned along with it because they were abused just as much.
If you have a Black Lotus, DO NOT SELL IT!!! Wait a few decades (make sure to keep it in mint condition) and then sell it when its average Ebay price is about $5000.00+
by Psydon March 6, 2005
Arnold (Ahnuld) Schwarzenegger's alter ego in the Terminator movies.

While not the most advanced, the T-101 is the most powerful Terminator ever built by far, able to destroy a T-X. The T-101's standout characteristics are its black glasses, uber-buff body, weird German voice and odd quote-making ability. One particular T-101 created the famous quote: "Stay here. I'll be back." The T-101 is such a powerful robot because of its ability to perform above and beyond even normal Terminator limits, giving it a human-esque infinite range of potential. The T-101's weapon of choice is either a grenade launcher or a minigun.
T-101: "Stay here. I'll be back."

*many years later*

John Connor: "Don't you remember anything?"
T-101: "That was a different T-101."
by Psydon August 9, 2004
Anti-Gnosis Weapon System

A.G.W.S. are key figures in the Xenosaga series. An A.G.W.S. is esentially a machine designed to combat Gnosis. While this technically makes KOS-MOS an A.G.W.S (she even calls herself an A.G.W.S.), what are generally described as A.G.W.S are the mechwarrior-type A.G.W.S. that bear the name and can be used in battle.
Shion: "Transmit A.G.W.S.!"

*Shion disappears and her A.G.W.S. unit appears*

Gundam Wing, eat your heart out.
by Psydon August 11, 2004
The greatest game show ever, primarily because of the former host who used to say "You are The Weakest Link! Goodbye!" in TEH GR347357 W4Y 3V3R!!! Unfortunately, she left the show, and NOBODY has the balls to truly take her place and make the show cool again.
Madam, whoever you are, this show NEEDS you! Please, return to The Weakest Link!
by Psydon November 21, 2004
An EXTREMELY advanced Terminator, created by Skynet to be the ultimate merciless killing machine. Did they succeed? Nope. Arnold kicked her ugly white ass in the end.
Arnold: "You are terminated."
T-X: "*Screech!!!*"
T-X's thought: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! How can I be beaten by an obsolete model?! I am the strongest! I AM PERFECT!!!"

by Psydon August 9, 2004
1. The best online FPS EVER.
2. A hive of n00bs, 1337 and all that's in between.
3. A hive of n00bs.
4. A hive of 1337 faggots.
5. A good place to laugh your life away.
1. Play it and see.
2. See above.
3. See above.
4. See sbove.
5. See above. It's even better if you're high.
by Psydon September 14, 2004