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A slap upside the back of the head a la Leroy Jethroe Gibbs from NCIS usually done to someone who did or said something stupid.
Don Gibbs slapped after I asked him to shower with him.
by Legaykidd May 22, 2009
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462 is a small town in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania. Usually used when people don't feel like saying Shennadoah or can't spell it. Also called 462, da fuck.
Hey Sasha let's go to 462.
I'm lost can you tell me where 462 da fuck is?
by Legaykidd June 10, 2008
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A fictional(?) racist group from the Turner Diaries. The Order is part Neo-Nazi part KKK. The main Charater joins the Order to fullfill his destiny and die for the 14 words.
"The Order handed out our assignments. I have to join with Section 8 to get explosives."
by Legaykidd July 12, 2008
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