A race in the Elder Scrolls video game series.

Orcs, also called Orsimer in ancient times, are sophisticated barbarian beast peoples of the Wrothgarian Mountains, Dragontail Mountains, and Orsinium. They are noted for their unshakable courage in war and their unflinching endurance of hardships. In the past, Orcs have been widely feared and hated by the other nations and races of Tamriel, but they have slowly won acceptance in the Empire, in particular for their distinguished service in the Emperor's Legions. Orc armorers are prized for their craftsmanship, and Orc warriors in heavy armor are among the finest front-line troops in the Empire, and are fearsome when using their berserker rage. Most Imperial citizens regard the Orc society as rough and cruel, but there is much to admire in their fierce tribal loyalties and generous equality of rank and respect among the sexes.

The Hero of Daggerfall reported Gortwog gro-Nagorm united his people by establishing an autonomous enclave, and forced the Emperor Uriel Septim VII to recognize Orsinium as an equal of the other lesser kingdoms (such as Daggerfall or Sentinel).

Their religion centers around the worship of the Daedric Prince who governs outcasts, Malacath.
Orc names always follow a strict format, being that they have a main name, and a gender prefix preceding a last name. For example, Burz gro-Kash, or Shingro gra-Gubbug. (gro = male, gra = female)

Orcs also make excellent warriors who excel in combat with Blunt weapons in Heavy Armor.
by Elder Scrolls January 25, 2008
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''Look at those scummy orcs smashing up Manchester city centre.''

''The bigotry and violence of the orcs must be an escape from their miserable poverty-stricken lives.''

''That orc really reeks.''

by Rory the sheep April 13, 2009
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A Kobaloid creature possessing great strength. Orcs usually come out at night but are not fully nocturnal. They are the second most intelligent (to Goblins) and second strongest (to trolls) Kobaloids. In general they are a society of barbaric, sociopathic warriors, but some will resort to more peaceful methods. If it suits their interests, of course. Since they are, of course, not real, use this term to refer to a stupid and brutish individual.
Tom Buchanan is such an Orc.
by Melanie October 11, 2003
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1. A caricature of the Incredible Hulk with an over-large head, giant-sized tusks and muscled limbs so disproportionately thick he can't move them. He usually carries an obscenely large axe, and sometimes wears a silly horned Brunhilda helmet for good measure. His jaws are always agape in a permanent moronic grimace so we can see his yellowed tusks, but how he manages to close his mouth remains a mystery.

2. In the 1st and 2nd edition D&D game, a race of warlike humanoids with porcine snouts who are closely related to humans and can interbreed with them.

3. In J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth, a race of creatures that were once elves, but have been corrupted by the dark powers of Morgoth and serve Sauron and Sauroman during the war of the ring. They were, in a sense, Tolkien's critique of industrial warfare. Also known as "goblins".

I play as an orc so I can take advantage of starting off with a 20 Strength as a 1st level barbarian with my Hackmaster +12.
by Killing Kittens July 18, 2006
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When orcs have coitus.
I can't believe she is orcing him.
by Pineapple Rick March 22, 2018
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Orcs are a fictional race seen in many modern fantasy mediums (such as books and games), made of large, savage, and sometimes irredeemably evil humanoids. Created by J.R.R Tolkien, and their name was intended to be based on Old English words for "demon" or "ogre."

In Tolkien's works, smaller Orcs are sometimes referred to specifically as "Goblins," so in this sense one may consider an Orc to be a larger and more brutish type of Goblin, however outside of Tolkien's works this is rarely true, and Orcs are often made out to be a distinct race from Goblins, although in the Warhammer setting Orcs and Goblins are related races, part of a larger family of races known as "Greenskins."

Orcs are almost always savage and/or warlike, and are usually made out to be evil, unintelligent and pitiful monsters, and are often a creature simply used for "slaying fodder" for quests. However in the Warhammer settings Orcs or "Orks" are playable armies, and there is a sense of whimsy and glorified stupidity about them.

The Warcraft setting they are also playable; and their bloodlust and depravity came from being controlled by a demon curse which they have freed themselves from, and now have a sense of honour. In some other settings they are also from time-to-time given this "noble savage" image.
"The orcs are coming!"

"Well don't just stand there, slay them all!"
by DanCornelius September 22, 2011
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A breed of hideously ugly 'lady' who inhabitate the barren landscape of Mordor.

Orcs generally, but not always have the following attributes: back boobs, facial hair, missing teeth, a tramp stamp, too tight clothing, imitation gold jewelry, hoop earrings, inappropriate body piercings for their age, 3 kids with no present father figure, a cackling laugh, a distinct lack of class.

Dude, did you see how many fucking orcs there were in Mordor last night? It was disgusting!
by MrKoi May 16, 2007
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