A derogatory nickname the Ukrainian troops gave Russian soldiers during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2022.
“During last nights engagement, Alex slotted 3 orcs moving from cover with his AK”.
by OpenWindowManiac April 8, 2022
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Borysko, do you see those Orcs over there? Shoot your NLAW !
by Andriy48 April 9, 2022
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someone uncivilised or genrally annoying, usually atributed to londoners
Don't go to london, that city is full of orcs
by Metal Master November 2, 2015
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1. Possibly the most pwnsauce race in World of Warcraft.

2. Slang for greatness.
1. "There's nothing more Horde than being an orc warlock."

2. "What an orc thing to do."
by Josie Sphincter July 12, 2008
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The next level of trolling.
Someone who trolls on the internet literally all the time.
"That orc is spewing hate comments on these vids 24/7!"
by Teh Goods November 27, 2009
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Someone who tattoos their face and neck.
Are you an orc, you have ink on your face, do you worship the Dark Lord.
by buckeyeoh January 5, 2018
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A person fascinated by the boat 'ORCA' as depicted in the film 'JAWS'. To the extent that they recite lines from the film. I.e: "You're gonna need a bigger boat", or "We can radio in for a bigger boat"
What an Orc...Dave just told his boss he's gonna need a bigger boat if he wants to win the account.
by Fred Stine September 29, 2007
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