People who epically fail at tanning. Spray on tans.
Those who look like they could be oompa loompas.

It's believed that they cry orange juice. But in a recent study, it's found that they actually cry Sunny D; Fake orange juice. All the more better.
(If you want to see for yourself, just try to teach an orange girl simple addition and then watch the citrus rain)
Oh no, look at the orange people. One of them is crying....


Does anyone have a cup?
by TheRedNinja February 12, 2010
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A subset of humans defined by a peculiar orange pigmentation of the skin. Scientists believe the orange pigment comes from an abundance of carotenoids produced by over-exposure to club music and hair products. They can be observed in their natural habitats, New Jersey dance clubs.
While the civil rights movement improved the lives of people of color, orange people continue to be discriminated against openly, and rightfully so.
by puadxe December 2, 2010
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People who through either fake tanners or though tanning beds achieve a color that is more orange than human.
Orange people are so weird. They really need to stay away from the tanning beds.
by blondi614 January 10, 2010
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Another name for people of hispanic origin. (e.g. Mexicans)It is mainly used for derogatory uses.
Mexicans are orange people.
by fafsa May 29, 2008
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Orange people ; people who legit need mental and physical help
some Orange people that live in america; are Donald Trump, Sebastian Bails, Daniel Cohn.
by loser._. October 14, 2019
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A person that is super boring and often a bit of a jerk ; lame
"Has anyone ever told you that you're The Orange Starburst of People ?" Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias from the Netflix Show "Mr Iglesias"
by Michaelangelo Scottman July 13, 2019
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