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The soft troll is the counter part to the more provocative, traditional trolling used to incite anger and hostility. The goal of the soft troll is to inflate the ego of the reader and to gain readership. Commenters cannot resist displaying their superiority and even go so far as to display their comments on social networking sites. What results is a mass intellectual "circle jerk" of people who, while smart enough to correct the mistakes of the poster or point out the obvious joke the poster was illiciting, are not self aware enough to realize that it was all set up. There is no damage done to the posters themselves, they will go on thinking they are quite clever. The true spoils of such a troll go to those who ascertain the true goal of the poster. A symbiotic relationship emerges where all parties walk away feeling superior over the other.
The stay at home moms and 12 year olds on my facebook wall totally fell for my soft troll.
by puadxe November 24, 2011
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It was once a word used to describe those who hate others for irrational reasons, for the sake of hate itself.

Today, the word is mainly used by those who are hated on, even though they may be hated for perfectly rational reasons.

So we have controversial figures like Kei$ha disparaging such "haters" because they point out her obvious musical, physical and metaphysical short comings, all of which are very much a matter of scientific fact. These people are no more "haters" than they are "people with perfectly valid opinions".
A: y all these haters be hatin????
B: It's probably because you are a disgrace to human beings the world over.
by puadxe November 4, 2010
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A subset of humans defined by a peculiar orange pigmentation of the skin. Scientists believe the orange pigment comes from an abundance of carotenoids produced by over-exposure to club music and hair products. They can be observed in their natural habitats, New Jersey dance clubs.
While the civil rights movement improved the lives of people of color, orange people continue to be discriminated against openly, and rightfully so.
by puadxe December 2, 2010
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It's a fucking flute people
-open-ended with a small notch cut into the blowing end
-originated in the Andes of Peru (Japan too?)
The quena is a bitch to play but sounds gorgeous
by puadxe March 1, 2007
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Internet Relay Chat
-designed to make chatting as discouraging as possible for the casual user. Its windows95 style interface and text-only format on black or white backgrounds make it feel lifeless and dull. When one first opens IRC, one can only stare into the blank black screen; there is no welcome window and no cute little sound to tell you your friends are on. All this, designed with the intention
of keeping out: da n00bzours.
Lonely men and women sit in silence before their computers at night, staring maniacally as pages of text scrolls before their eyes. The phrases and gestures, pleading and begging for attention, only hint at life, but this is almost forgotten as you bark off a laugh after a good exchange. But as the jokes and laughter subside you realize you are sitting alone in your underwear at 3am, laughing in the dark. This is the state of being that is; IRC.
by puadxe January 12, 2007
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I was doing some "research" on 17th century painters last night.
by puadxe November 22, 2010
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Bicarbonate or, more properly, hydrogen carbonate; a polyatomic ion whose formula is HCO3
by puadxe September 23, 2005
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