From New Jersey. The hood, ghetto, or depressed area.
Let's go down to Orange for some White Castle and drugs.

Make sure you keep the windows rolled up and the doors locked in Orange.
by Dan A. August 20, 2004
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when you don’t know what to say or there is a awkward silence so you say ‘orange’ to ease up the tension.
*awkward silence*
by thegirlwhoannoysfriends December 10, 2019
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What the fuck Are you retarded? Are you really looking up orange? It’s a fucking color or fruit like what the fuck?
Hey Gabe why the fuck is this guy looking up orange?
by Big w1ener April 3, 2019
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Orange signifies the identity/politics/culture of being post-racial.
When you're orange, its impossible to be racist, and you probably love art.
by CoaltownBrown May 15, 2020
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1.the colour of an orange
2.the ppl in the north,i.e William of Orange(netherlands)
''those fuckin orange bastards''
''man gimme a fuckin orange''
by rory October 16, 2003
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In the bay, a high quality strain of Berkeley weed that is extremely expensive.
damn we gosta hook it up with some orange
by Ryan Simon November 17, 2004
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