Term used to shout at ongoer when locked inside of a car and high, not knowing how to escape. The word then becomes "Open The Damn Door" when the ongoer is also high, attempting to open the door and failing miserably.
Nick: "JASON! Open The Door!!!"
Jason: "DHAKDSLNASNAK Im Trying!"
Dillon: "Open The Damn Door!"
Nick: "Im falling!"
by Nickeatsbabies February 20, 2010
used to say that it's better not to ruminate on something as it will only trigger the process of self-loathing
Chandler: What's wrong with me? Ohh, don't open that door!
by Catchmedoingthat July 5, 2016
When someone's ears protrude conspicuously from the side of his/her head, resembling a car with two open doors. (Sometimes shortened to just "car doors")
Gah! Check out the open car doors on that dude!
by exitflagger May 6, 2008
it's what you say to your cousin when you're trapped outside and can't get in.
1: bobby open the door!
2 I'm coming jak
by ComputerDefeated August 28, 2019
I gently open the door is a "joke" from the game Doki Doki Literature Club. This was made into a meme of the text "I gently open the door" displayed and an image of dabbing hanging Sayori.
MC: "I gently open the door"
Sayori: *dabbing*
by Wilted Roses June 16, 2019
the line comes from Heathers : The Musical's "Meant To Be Yours". Originally sung by Ryan McCartan. This exact line blew up on TikTok with the West End Cast version, featuring Jamie Muscato.

if you're wondering why veronica won't open the door it's cause she's fucking dead

veronica, open the door please for submission
by nahyuckriceseller February 13, 2022
The Open Door is the second studio release by hard-rock band Evanescence. It was released on October 3, 2006 in the United States. The tracklisting is as such:

1. Sweet Sacrifice
2. Call Me When You're Sober
3. Weight of the World
4. Lithium
5. Cloud Nine
6. Snow White Queen
7. Lacrymosa
8. Lke You
9. Lose Control
10. The Only One
11. You're Star
12. All That I'm Living For
13. Good Enough

The first single off the album is 'Call Me When You're Sober', written about lead singer Amy Lee's ex-boyfriend, Shaun Morgan of the South African hard rock band Seether. The next single is 'Lithium', slated for release around Halloween of 2006.

Evanescence's previous albums include the multiple-times platinum Fallen, the live album Anywhere But Home {which was released with a live DVD}, and the demos Origin, the Sound Asleep EP, and the self-titled Evanescence EP.
The Open Door is a really badass album by Evanescence.
by Mesektet October 23, 2006