The acknowledgment of a severe drop in temperature, giving you goose bumps, therefore requiring you to warm up with blankeys, and or cuddlies.
I sat down on the cold toilet seat and yelled ooshie!
by Pea Pie October 25, 2013
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A person who is rather talented and able to many things without messing up.
by Smarrty March 14, 2011
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The technical term for someone who is really intelligent, attractive, and all around just an amazing person who everyone loves.
Or it can be used in place of colon, the little key on the right hand side of the key board next to the L.
Either way it is a totally awesome word.
A: What the hell do you call this damn thingy?
B: Oh that's the ah. . . I think its the, um. . . That would have to be the ooshi.
A: Ooshi?
B: Yeah, it is the little button with the two dot thingys.
A: Ooo, sweet!
by Chastity Ooshi August 19, 2006
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A definition created by Jimmy Fallon in August of 2020. Ooshi is a way to express "Thanks, but no thanks," when someone doesn't accept your initial 'no'."
Waiter- "Sir, would you like dessert?"
Me-"No thank you."
Waiter- "Sir, let me bring you some dessert, it's really good."
Waiter- "Ok sir, I'll be right back with your check."
by Sara with no H August 4, 2020
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it’s a word that describes someone’s bad/bratty/mean attitude.
you need to stop being so ooshi to people.
by shar-ing December 12, 2018
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another pointless word; used for anything. Hellos, Goodbyes, a cuss word. You name it, ooshy is it.
"Ooshy!" Jocelyn yelled after dropping a heavy box on her unprotected foot.
by -Abbie H.- February 1, 2009
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To give or receive a really awesome hug, beyond the levels of a bear hug.
"Can I have anooshi??"


*gives big awesome hug*
by Brokenheartedgirl15 September 21, 2013
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