cheezy ooof is a replacement word for any sexual word;
threasa cheezy ooofed on matt . -"gabby vagina farted on matt
chucky cheezy ooofed on stephanie -"chucky either could have ate her out, fucked, flatuated, shit, pissed or came on her.
thomas is going to cheezy ooof in nicolas butthole tonight- "thomas is going to spray whip cream in nicolas's butthole tonight
by mjrh February 28, 2011
When you die in roblox or get badly hurt in real life (or don’t know what to say so you just say ooof
Person 1: hey my grandma just died
Person 2: oh *doesn’t know what to say*... OOOF
Person 1: yeah it was a real big OOOF
by January 18, 2021
Sam poops in his pants in front of his girlfriend, gets ooofed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by sson6748 April 23, 2019