A large sum of marijuana, could last a month if only smoking a gram a day, typicaly 28grams, can always be found for $180 Canadian good price $150 canadian can usually be found at this price
let blaze 1/2 this fat onze of weed so im still leagal!
by Sensation July 6, 2005
Succint term used in certain south-east asian countries to represent a positive and definitive acknowledgement of a task, appreciation or an appointment.
"So we'll meet at midnight for some prata?"
"Onz. See you there."

"Can you get this done for me by tonight?"
"Onz. It's done!"
by jay tee June 6, 2005
Tom : imma go to Sarah’s tonight

Alex: onzing

Tom: wanna get a pizza ?

Alex : onzing
by lalli chut June 20, 2019
Legendary draenei paladin.
Superb exploiting, glitching, playing skills.
He may be good, but he's no Onz!
by Walkerbo October 22, 2011
to be harrased in a public toilet

to sport a silver moustache
I took the bus to Schipol, took short and had to use the washroom. I was accosted by a silver moustached assailant who Onzed me...
by postwhorethreadcrapper January 26, 2011
"His words were never shallow. He is an Onz."
by kerosone July 26, 2017
A delicious mix of two exotic flavours that refreshes your mind. The perfect partner for refreshment.
Not everything fuses so good like Onze More Fusion.
by Candy loverr December 12, 2021