Commonly used to refer to "roti-prata", a delicious indian snack that is eaten with curry. A flat, pan fried snack that many devour for breakfast or late supper. Made with elaborate hand movements much like pizza dough is, but resembling crepe. Can be made with eggs, ice-cream, or other creative combinations. The plain variety is referred to as "kosong".
"let's go for some prata."
"Ok! I'm starved. i'll have 2 kosong and 1 egg prata."
by jay tee June 05, 2005
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Jaffa term equivalent to puberty, a time at which the ceremony of implantation occurs and a young Jaffa receives his or her first prim'tah (larval Goa'uld symbiote). If one is not given, the child will die, as many Jaffa groups have been genetically engineered to become dependent on symbiotes.
when teal'c reached the age of prata, he underwent the prim'tah ceremony
by Max Hardcore November 30, 2004
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