The biggest pimp you’ll ever meet. If you know an Ont they will steal your girl, smash her, than block her
Damn that guys an Ont i heard he slapped his girlfriend
by Mattiasaysnword April 26, 2020
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Ont is a word that can be used to replace any word in a sentence that may lead to sexual references. Using the word ont immediately declares the user of the word as innocent.
Wow man, she has nice onts
by SuperRAWR June 05, 2010
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A VERY DEROGATORY term for any complex celled organism. If someone calls you an ONTE (pronounced like own with a t at the end), slap 'em!
"I hate you, you fucking ONTE!"
by Cormac S May 05, 2007
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A derogatory term for a complex-celled organism. Aka an insult.
Once in common usage amongst Dublin-based criminal organisations, but it now has descended to the level of an article of playground slander.
Also used as an alternative to "FUCK!" or "OH MY GOD!" during a tempestuous moment of inter-orifical activity.

Perpetually destined for its own listing in the Oxford English Dictionary.
You onte! Why won't you let me yorb ya?
by Urma'sma January 05, 2007
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Originally started by =LORD=, it was a misspelling of the word ownt, which is a synonym for pwnd, owned, and all other gank words. It took immediate liking to all other =LORD= members, and started being used throughout the gaming community.

Each =LORD= member has their own version of ont
1. (common) |ONT|

2. ^_^ONT^_^

3. <.:|O|:.^.:|N|:.^.:|T|:.>

i just onted you
that's an ont,... i ganked your ass
by =LORD=BTK March 24, 2004
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Basically shortened for 'on the sly' basically a way of describing somebody doing what ever slyly or by doing something quite cool.
Popular around the north west of England

*Guy kicks a football*

'ahh look at him kicking that ball ont sly'

*guy sneaks into room'

'Look its joe ont sly'
by KyleMc March 26, 2008
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I ont is short for I don't care. So you can yell it out loud when you dont care about somthin and the people around won't understand..
Mrs. K is teaching a long long lesson and you and the kids around you don't care at all. In the middle of her sentence you say I on't!!! Out loud. It covers up I don't care so you wont get in trouble.

Jerry is scared as hell to figt Kevin and is making up a bunch of excuses not to fight... In the middle of his lame ass excuses say I ONT!!
by Justin and O2a May 27, 2007
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