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When one person in a group isn't down with whatever the rest is doing, all the others chant this phrase until that one person wants to join in.
Ethan: Hey guys, I heard the new mall is opening today! Do you want to cut class with me to go check it?
Cody: Yeah, bro. How about you, Mark?
Mark: I'm already excited to go with you guys! Trey, you're coming, too, right?
Trey: No, I'm afraid I can't come with you guys. It's too risky, and I might get in trouble.
Ethan, Cody, and Mark chant "One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!"
Trey: Alright, fine. I'll go with you guys.
by realest tho. April 04, 2016
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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This is the elite chat, if you have made this chat you are considered a national gem. Even tho they have fucking 0 motives coz everyone’s either high or out or has no money we all are certi. We all text on the chat apart from fucking Alfie who just ghosts everything but we let it slide. Many many people have tried to suck my cock for a place in the group chat but I have declined and knocked there likkle twinkies out. Ben doesn’t stop going on about his bird and will has a dodgy wrist and we all do the juice wrld am I right guys. Aaron likes little kids but that’s okay coz we would never snake on him so we let him do his thing.
Omg guys it’s the one of us!!!
Let’s go suck there cocks!!!
by 360NoScopeEatAssSkipClass December 10, 2019
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