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When one person in a group isn't down with whatever the rest is doing, all the others chant this phrase until that one person wants to join in.
Ethan: Hey guys, I heard the new mall is opening today! Do you want to cut class with me to go check it?
Cody: Yeah, bro. How about you, Mark?
Mark: I'm already excited to go with you guys! Trey, you're coming, too, right?
Trey: No, I'm afraid I can't come with you guys. It's too risky, and I might get in trouble.
Ethan, Cody, and Mark chant "One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!"
Trey: Alright, fine. I'll go with you guys.
by realest tho. April 4, 2016
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When a couple decides to spend a date watching a movie on Netflix, and relaxing. Sex is usually done during/after the movie.
Guy: Ay girl come to my house and we can "Netflix & Chill".
Girl: Alright what movie we watching?
Guy: insert movie here, and I brought some condoms.
Girl: *Smiles*
by realest tho. September 17, 2015
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Bill Cosby does family-friendly television shows, while Pill Cosby slips Mollies in girls' drinks and rapes them.
by realest tho. January 24, 2016
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Sex move where the male moves his tongue in a circular motion around the female's vagina without actually sticking his tongue inside. Not to be confused with the alabama hot pocket.
Man: Hey baby you wanna do the alabama hot pocket?
Woman: No let's try the Alabama Omelette instead
by realest tho. February 5, 2016
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A very, popular hip hop dance. It involves bending your knees, leaning to the side, slightly bopping up and down, and throwing your fist out.
This my song right here! I'm about to hit the whip!
by realest tho. June 20, 2015
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