When you drink an alcoholic beverage in one go.
As everyone procedes to chug down a beer.
by Tierique August 21, 2017
To be shit-faced drunk to the point of faceplanting the floor, and possibly having to use their lips to move across the room since they're too wasted to get up.
"You should've seen David the other night. He had so many drinks, the poor bastard was walking on his lips."

"Too much alcohol results in Walking On One's Lips"
by castlefreak2009 January 2, 2023
A girl with a vagina that has a barbie doll lookin thing goin on with the vagina hole directly at the bottom. Clit is not visable from the outside; EWWWW!!!
Thats a nasty lil' One-Lip.!!

Her One-Lip pussy is hairy.!
by PseudoBitchInUrBed August 13, 2011