A unique name only given to three people in the world consisting of ondra thornton Sr, jr, and the 3rd this name comes from Jamaican artifacts and is only given to the Thornton’s family
Ondra is such a unique name
by Ondra May 12, 2019
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The type of person that gets drunk and proceeds to have sex with a tree.
"Haha, he just did the Ondra Zika"
by Tigerballz October 17, 2018
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Having a cheeky tug in a bath full of coins whilst watching live CCTV
I came home from work last night and caught my brother having a dirty Ondra surrounded by scented candles
by GrumpyBatman November 12, 2020
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Ondra is the son of Spyhf, to see info on spyhf say !urban Spyhf. Spyhf got Ondra's mum progonontay. Now hos mum has two sons called Ondra :).
You: Hey Ondra!


Ondra: !warn @Spyhf Caps Abuse.

Spyhf: Yes my son :)

You: I am going to go now....
by Spyhf June 20, 2021
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Ondra is the Chairman at LAC, his mum is the mother of Him and his brother Ondra. His step-dad is Spyhf.
Spyhf: Hey Ondra

Spyhf: What? I jus-
Ondra: Want a Coffee or a Ban?
by Spyhf June 20, 2021
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Someone that minimods a lot in private chat rooms and generally will only be in a place for the fun, rather than for what it’s meant to be.
Oh he’s always on the moderation channels and never helping others out, what an Ondra.

Hank was telling everyone to study for their test the next day and get a good night sleep but the next hour he was out drinking and having fun.
by the quan 300000 September 7, 2020
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