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Los Angles Cafe is a Group on roblox and Discord! It contains a variety of people. The Holder of the Group is Nikita, to see about him say !urban Nikita.
LAC Worker: Hello, do you want some drinks?

Customer: Yes, I'll have a green tea!

LAC Worker: Here you go. Anything else?
Customer: No thanks!

LAC Worker: Make sure to come on down to Los Angeles Cafe for food!
by Spyhf June 20, 2021
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A spyhf Is the hottest person ever. You can see him in the LAC group using bot commands all dog because he is thinking about you :). He will have a baby with anyone, especially your mum.
You:Hey Spyhf! How is my mum doing?

Spyhf: She is good, she is pregnant!

You: Yayayyayayay!

Spyhf: Ikr
You: Name him Ondra after me? Ok?
by Spyhf June 15, 2021
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pkoelin0 is the best person in Spyhf’s life, in the drama and bad times he was nice to Spyhf. They message each other a lot and I mean that.
pkoelin0: Hey
Spyhf: Hey, How are you?
Pkoelin0: I am good, you?
Spyhf: I am good.
by Spyhf June 20, 2021
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Ondra is the son of Spyhf, to see info on spyhf say !urban Spyhf. Spyhf got Ondra's mum progonontay. Now hos mum has two sons called Ondra :).
You: Hey Ondra!


Ondra: !warn @Spyhf Caps Abuse.

Spyhf: Yes my son :)

You: I am going to go now....
by Spyhf June 20, 2021
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Ondra is the Chairman at LAC, his mum is the mother of Him and his brother Ondra. His step-dad is Spyhf.
Spyhf: Hey Ondra

Spyhf: What? I jus-
Ondra: Want a Coffee or a Ban?
by Spyhf June 20, 2021
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