On the booze. When you are going out to get very drunk all night.
Girl 1: What is Sarah going out to do tonight?

Girl 2: She's going out on the booze.
by BirminghamAnty July 11, 2008
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An alcoholic beverage, specifically any type of beer. It doesn't matter which, coz down here in Oz, no one gives a hoot, so long as you get pissed!
"Oh, bugger me, Scott! The pub's out of booze!"
by beano June 30, 2003
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Another word for Drinking any kind of Alcoholic Beverage.
Man i was boozing so much beer at that party last night.
by frattyHN January 25, 2008
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Another word for drunk, or sometimes just dizzy.
"Michael was totes boozed last night." said James to Dan in Physics after a wild party.
by urbanscestomy June 11, 2017
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I wish he would not drink booze at times like this.
by Light Joker November 2, 2004
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The reason I skip 8am classes.
If ya booze you loose.
I drank too much booze, I think I might spew.
by Busta April 18, 2003
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