Agonizing Butt-Hurt. A term used to describe people on social media who post vague comments to make other people wonder about their well-being to get attention; and/or make a great big deal about every insignificant event in their life to make people feel sorry for them; and/or make inappropriate comments to other people about life being unfair out of ignorance because they believe that life is "harder" for them. Can be used as A&B or A-B.
John: I saw that Ashley said that she had to make the most important decision of her life today, is she okay?
Adam: Yeah, she's just painting her room a different color, she's pulling an A&B (agonizing butt-hurt).

Lindsay: I got six teeth removed on Monday, it hurts like hell.
Jack: Yeah, when I got one tooth removed, I thought I was going to die.
Lindsay: Are you serious? Don't be an A&B (agonizing butt-hurt).

Don: My kid has to go to the hospital for regular physical therapy sessions every week after being in the hospital for 2 weeks, it's exhausting.
Alex: Yeah, tell me about it, I had to take my kid to the ER twice last year, AND I had to take him to the doctor to get shots. Ugh, parenting sucks.
Alex is pulling an agonizing butt-hurt move.
by starduck96 January 29, 2015
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Short for "Above and Beyond." A popular progressive trance group which consists of: Jono, Tony and Paavo.
"Yo that A&B show was sickkkk last night!"
by MrTrance January 4, 2012
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The most Influential and lucrative business of all time these young men have amassed trillions of dollars. The name stems from the owner ship of Asians&Beaners hence A&B.
Big A&B shit
by A&B King November 22, 2020
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by 1010G <h1>hey</h1> November 9, 2019
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"...went into the cheap B&B, when I pulled back my sheets to get on into bed found a dead woman there. So I come downstairs an' I throw her at the manager..."
-George the Angry Redneck
by Fugerko.? December 7, 2003
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Boob to Belly Ratio.

Applies to both women and men. Scientists however have not come up with an optimal numerical number for such ratio, but are working with mice.
Times are dangerous. With the cold weather, all the layers of clothing are clouding our judgment and views of the B to B and L to L ratios.
by KaptainKorea December 18, 2010
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When we stayed at the B and B in rural England, the owners kept trying to sell the building to us.
by Samantha Smythe June 29, 2005
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