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Scholes (verb, noun):

When a player scores a goal from outside the box. The ball must be struck first time, and with sufficient power. It can follow a pass along the ground, or the ball can be hit on the (half) volley. Scholeses are often scored from corners. The word "Scholes" is also shouted when someone has the opportunity to "Scholes it up".

Named after Paul Scholes due to his signature goal.

Here are many good examples of Scholeses.
by boffintim August 22, 2010
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A deeply depressed, lonely child with a strange, possibly sexual, fascination of short, red haired gentlemen.

It is likely that they also have a perverted fetish towards footballers from U13 accadamies across the 3rd world and runs a forum with other sexualy tormented folks like themselves.
Person A I dunno why i'm telling your this but love gingers me, strangely enough I also have growing tendancies towards your younger brother, the way he passed the ball around the field in that under 9s inter school tournament was majestic... He'll be a star one day.

Person B Your such a Scholes
by ManWithBigTesticles May 04, 2009
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A complete fuckwit. Backstabbing robbing bastard usually ginger.
Who will concock a web of lies inorder to try weasel out of the shit they have done.
Hey you know how Kenny stole all that money from the charity?
Well he is telling everyone that it was you and Santa claus that did it!
What a completley scholes thing to do!
by Mareaman May 16, 2007
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