An ancient being known long before the Younger Sibling came to be. This being is often blamed for the younger's misdoings despite not being in the area of the incident or at the area near the time of the event. They are often either antisocial or very mischievous to either the humans or Younger Sibling but are also the protectors of theYounger Sibling despite the annoyance they receive.
Don't blame the Older Sibling for the younger's misdoings or you will get pee in your shoes.
by BlainaCipher May 2, 2019
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She/He is somebody who ignores the rest of the family, gets the better grades, but hates the younger siblings. They always get annoyed by the rest of the family. The only good thing about them is they are ussually generous,
Person 1: " My older sister is the best. "
Person 2: " So she gives you stuff? "
Person 1: " Most of the time. But she does ignore me. "
Person 2: " She is FR older sibling. "
Person 1: " Fax. "
by GermanicTribalBitch111222333 December 4, 2022
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Annoying pretentious dickhead that thinks their tough shit for hogging everything and bossing over you and telling you how annoying you are for calling them out on their behavior. You have no power against them either, and no amount of talking is going to get them to listen to you. They think they're sophisticated adults but in reality they're just an annoying little shit.
"Remembered that my older sibling exists. Day ruined."
by anonynonmous December 23, 2020
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Will literally traumatize you, cause insecurities, make you paranoid about what they'd think about something that's not even relevant to them. They always get more attention than you do whether it's family, friends, or even strangers. You forever feel like nothing compared to them because of the younger sibling "brat" stereotype and you've always felt like Older Sibling's Name's younger sibling. They sometimes will do stuff like order you around, call you names, and mock you without really knowing how you feel. It's the worst.
Stranger: Hey, is that your Older Sibling?
Younger Sib: Yeah
Stranger: They're cute, what's their name
Younger Sib: Older Sib's name
Stranger: Nice! I'll go talk to them
Younger Sib: Alright
Younger Sib: Why does everyone notice my older sibling and not me?
by capricornhater69 August 4, 2021
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People that are sooooo perfect and never start fights.
Yech. Older siblings. If only mom and dad could understand their bullshit.
by iTookAHarSHIT May 20, 2021
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Generally perpetuated by older siblings, this effect takes place when something is so hyped up or raved about by someone, that you grow to despise it.
I was going to watch Stranger Things, but John totally gave it the older sibling effect for me
by Xix August 2, 2019
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