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its when
by anonynonmous July 29, 2020
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Annoying pretentious dickhead that thinks their tough shit for hogging everything and bossing over you and telling you how annoying you are for calling them out on their behavior. You have no power against them either, and no amount of talking is going to get them to listen to you. They think they're sophisticated adults but in reality they're just an annoying little shit.
"Remembered that my older sibling exists. Day ruined."
by anonynonmous December 23, 2020
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On December 23, you must cease all arguments, memes and conversations about furries. This ropes in anti furries, too

Seriously just shut the fuck up about beating furries or being a furry and partaking in these god awful days
"ewww furry art, go kys"

"Careful, you aren't allowed to talk about furries on Shut the Fuck Up About Furries Seriously Just Shut the Fuck Up day"
by anonynonmous December 19, 2020
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