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The forgotten being known to be made before the Younger Sibling and after the Older Sibling. this being is either to young or old to do things the the younger sibling or older sibling desire. yet many middle sibling are known to be depressed or forced to do the older sibling and younger sibling's chores.
by BlainaCipher May 30, 2019
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What I enjoy doing at three am and to scare off those who will attempt to steal my thoughts and dreams ( more like nightmares for "normal people" and not "demons") Sorry if you can't handle my internal screech.

person 1: Sorry i was internal screaming all night.
person 2: You need help
by BlainaCipher April 25, 2019
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An ancient being known long before the Younger Sibling came to be. This being is often blamed for the younger's misdoings despite not being in the area of the incident or at the area near the time of the event. They are often either antisocial or very mischievous to either the humans or Younger Sibling but are also the protectors of theYounger Sibling despite the annoyance they receive.
Don't blame the Older Sibling for the younger's misdoings or you will get pee in your shoes.
by BlainaCipher May 2, 2019
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