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"Straight" guy that is frustrated about his secret love for men, so he shields his homosexuality by hating on women. He's not over five foot and goes to the gym every day to feel more empowered. Probably has mommy issues, which leads to his really big hatred for women, and "women belong in the kitchen" mindset. He loves hating on "betas" for respecting women, but he only does it because he really wants to be a top.
Person 1: Dude, this whole feminism thing is ruining women.
Person 2: What? So you're an alpha male or something?
Person 1: I guess you could call me that.
Person 2: You're gay, Brian.
by capricornhater69 September 4, 2021
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Will literally traumatize you, cause insecurities, make you paranoid about what they'd think about something that's not even relevant to them. They always get more attention than you do whether it's family, friends, or even strangers. You forever feel like nothing compared to them because of the younger sibling "brat" stereotype and you've always felt like Older Sibling's Name's younger sibling. They sometimes will do stuff like order you around, call you names, and mock you without really knowing how you feel. It's the worst.
Stranger: Hey, is that your Older Sibling?
Younger Sib: Yeah
Stranger: They're cute, what's their name
Younger Sib: Older Sib's name
Stranger: Nice! I'll go talk to them
Younger Sib: Alright
Younger Sib: Why does everyone notice my older sibling and not me?
by capricornhater69 August 4, 2021
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