Short for sibling. Brother or sister, mostly for borthers.
Yo, Sib. Mom just said I'm her favorite
by daVirgo June 9, 2005
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Your biological sibling. Brother, Sister, or other.
"Your painting of elvis in a dress looks fantastic, sib."
by LuridHope May 25, 2021
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When you're so (either sad or happy) that too many tears are covering your eyes and you can't spell :sob :
"guys I just ate some baby puffs"
"Oh my fukcingh god :sib"
by Gonald June 14, 2021
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Four letter acronym for Strokes Imaginary Beard Slowly. Performed by placing your palm on your chin, your fingers and thumb on your face, and pulling downward until your forefinger and thumb touch, and repeat.

This action of ponderance, is often performed while considering email, blog posts, digital information, and urban dictionary submissions.

It is most often used at the end of an email, comment, or Instant message. Much like LOL, TIA, ROTFLMAO.
(In response to request for a date to the office clown via IM)

OfficeHottie: So you say I am a hottie and you want to wine and dine me, eh?
I will get back to you.

by Esau Kessler January 13, 2006
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Short for "stuck-in-between". An acronym for a group of mature and attractive women who are younger than than the usual age limit for a MILF, yet old enough for proper recognition.

Typical age range for a SIB is between 25 and 29, but there have been reported SIB sightings in women as old as 32.
My friends and I decided to hit up this cougar bar looking for some older women, but instead the bar was filled with SIB's.

Dude, did you just see how hot that SIB was, she was perfect!

SIB Conversation (Actual):
Young Man: Hey girls, how old are you?

Attractive Busty Woman and friend: Ummm...26?

YM: Wow that's perfect, you guys are just what we were looking for, SIBs!
by JM & VP November 21, 2010
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