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A nonchalant way of saying your old and wrinkly.

Or maybe your just perving around. either way its not a word you want to be called.

Bradley does not like the old sauce's that perv on him
by Roxannabis January 17, 2011
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A man that has the uplifting need to snagg a younger woman while at the bar, take her to the back and make her drunk self feel erotic.

Preferably married and around the age of 50.
Old sauce: sooo young lady, might you like to come and have a never ending experience with me.
by Themysteriouslicker November 14, 2010
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A word for describing a older man or woman.

usually in there 60's and up.

most likely wrinkly, smelling of dust and Prunes
Jenny: ew this 73 year old guy was hitting on me at the bar last night.

Laura: Thats cuz ur so damn hot who could resist you?
Roxanne: Hes just Old Sauce let the fella live his life.
by SoyLaReinaDeLasAwesomeness October 12, 2010
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The Official definition for a old man OR woman who creeps on the younger generations.

Sometime's making people throw up at the smell of them.

They usually stay a distance, and when it is time for them to make a move they put their elderly player talk on younger people around their 20s

John was being creeped on by a old sauce at the store the other day, she came up and asked him a assortment of questions after staring at him for a long time
by ThewaterbilledGoOSE February 09, 2011
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A older man who takes his time to perv out on woman.

Someone in there elder years that likes the younger generation on a sexual level.
Shirley: Hey i wonder if Moonz will be a old sauce when hes older
by RunYourMouthBitch January 20, 2011
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