Sarcastic way of texting a goodbye except the person does not actually mean "goodbye", they mean "why haven't you responded already" or "stop what you are doing and respond"
Used when the person wants more attention
*Boy leaves text on read for an hour *
Girl: "Ok bye then."
Boy: "bye!"
Girl: "smh dude get a clue"
by Unlimitedbreadsticks October 31, 2017
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Response to anything you do not apporove of. Action, statements, ideas, thoughts or even people you disappove of.
Use to dismiss something you do not wish to think or hear about.
Or to dismiss something you disapprove of.
Becky: "Guys I got so hammered last night i puked on my boyfriend!!"
Neil: "Ok bye!"
by Katie + Mandy Beaton August 27, 2007
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When someone asks for a favor and u don't wanna say no u just say ok bye
Hey dude can u spot me $20 ?

Ok bye
by California Hot Girl 559 July 7, 2020
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Started around 1997, a concluding remark or gesture, typically made to interrupt or avoid continued conversation.
Sally: "I forgot to tell you that my sister's cousin's uncle is wanting to get into the computer industry."
Joe: "That's great, Sally. I'm going to get some pizza. Ok, bye."
by kimincafromtn January 24, 2010
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This meme started when the youtube legend NFKRZ got all his videos copyright striked because of his intro. The faggot that striked his video waited for response from NFKRZ, but didnt get any response. So he started the legendary meme, "ok, bye"
Russian: Can you remove the strike dude?
Faggot: Only if you give me money
Faggot: Can I get a response?
Faggot: ok, bye
by AmoRami May 30, 2016
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When you need to abruptly end a conversation and have simply had enough contact with other humans. It can be used to end a conversation at any point, and is especially useful if the person is repeating themselves.
John: so yeah Sandra was like totally into me and I was..
Me: ok thanks bye (OTB) (hangs up, gets up and leaves)
John:….totally into her.. hey Steve are you there / where are you going
by GoldCrack May 17, 2022
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Dismissive mocking phrases from someone to a millennial. It is used to call out out-of-touch or close-minded opinions associated with the millennial generation. It's also a response to Ok, boomer.
- Well I'm not basic so of course I'm getting those butt and lip implants.
- Ok Millenny.
- She got more likes than me. Ugh, I can't even.

- Bye Millenny.
- I don't need to go and vote. It won't matter anyway. I'm gon' git lit.
- Ok Millenny or bye Millenny
by Tigerlily1 May 26, 2020
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