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Adil Benrlitom aka ScreaM started working with Finalmouse to create his own mouse called "ScreaM One." They made an ad for that mouse which was featured in the big CS:GO Major MLG Columbus. When Adil said the line "They talk about my one taps", it quickly became a huge meme in the CS:GO Community.
xxx_NoScoper_xxx: Yo that was an awesome shot bro!
ScreaM: Well what can I say? They talk about my one taps


People, they know me as the headshot machine
They know me from the highlights they see
They know me from the matches they watch
They talk about my one taps
by AmoRami June 22, 2016
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This meme started when the youtube legend NFKRZ got all his videos copyright striked because of his intro. The faggot that striked his video waited for response from NFKRZ, but didnt get any response. So he started the legendary meme, "ok, bye"
Russian: Can you remove the strike dude?
Faggot: Only if you give me money
Faggot: Can I get a response?
Faggot: ok, bye
by AmoRami May 30, 2016
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