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Something to say when someone is acting or saying something questionable, out of place, or weird.
Friend: Bro i went out last night and I nutted on her titties You: Ok Buddy
by NamesRiley February 14, 2019
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Is something you say when you don’t agree or think it is true about what the other person is saying
Person 1 I got 45 kills in warzone

Person 2 ok buddy
by pNp Reflex June 30, 2020
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what you just said was irrational or irrelevant to the current conversation
ok buddy
by voyatoran May 03, 2020
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often used as a shitty comeback similar to no u
usually is said in a sarcastic manner
"ur mom gay" "ok buddy"
by jiaod July 14, 2018
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How a person responds when a guy or girl brags or thinks they are really cool
β€œYe is bust u in a 1v1 and u suck”
Me: Ok Buddy
by Therealfresh221 September 01, 2019
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