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What you say when you didn't think it could get any worse and then it did.
"I can't believe I'm stuck in traffic! First the line at the store, now this..."
by werallsonsofbitches March 7, 2010
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What you say when you manage to escape an angry mob/ the D.A, your dentist, teacher, The Man etc out to get you, and gloat about it. It's a common expression a crook makes when he/she goes down in a blaze of glory
by werallsonsofbitches December 19, 2009
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Most likely the final negatory answer you get after saying "Please" two or three times in a row. It's better to just give up, because when you hear this, whatever you want is not gonna happen.
You: Can we get that (insert name on expensive, useless piece of junk)
Me: No.
You: Please?
Me: No.
You: Please!
Me: No!
You Pleeeease?
Me: Told you before, not gonna happen!
by werallsonsofbitches December 17, 2009
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What you say when hearing old news, when something bad but predictable happens to you or when someone brings up something that's long lost its novelty.
Guy 1: "They're out of your favourite coffee."
You: "What else is new?"

Guy 2: "Life sucks."
You: "Yeah, what else is new."

Guy 3: "Pain really hurts."
You: (Just gives him a glance that says "what else is new".) But if he really is stupid enough to make a statement like that, maybe you should have said it in words.
by werallsonsofbitches January 6, 2010
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You can interject this when using a word that sounds positive, for something that's negative, especially when evaluating the purpose of a messed-up object or when replying to something truly stupid someone told you they did.

If you do the last thing written, it's a clear sign of potential pwnage in you.
Example 1: "When you're a teen life is interesting for all the wrong reasons."

(Interesting stuff when you're a teen: Booze, drugs, what's under other people's clothes, kitten huffing etc.)

Example 2:

Moron: "I just bathed the cat and put it in the microwave to dry it. He exploded just like I thought, but his fur dried up nicely."

You: "You're incredible. For all the wrong reasons."

Example 3:

Gun nut: ..."Yeah, The Eviscerator has everything! With a good aim, you can shoot someone in his spine, blow his brains out AND make him drown in his own blood!

You: "Sure, that thing IS versatile. For all the wrong reasons..."
by werallsonsofbitches January 7, 2010
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What you say the moment you realize you blew it, sometimes even when you didn't screw up beyond. It's always said or thought before an imminent mishap, like falling down the stairs, or breaking something in which case more severe profanity is utilized immediately afterwards. By now you know what I mean. It's also an expression of embarrassment.
"You have toilet paper stuck to your shoe."

"Oh, crap!"
by werallsonsofbitches December 16, 2009
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Suffered mainly by females and gay stereotypes. A disease shared by all of the female characters in Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Bones, just to mention some. In real life, a patient with SBS rarely reach the age of forty, as the people around them tend to kill them off. The symptoms include:

- Nagging about teir tragic lovelives
- Manipulating other women's husbands in order to feed their own insatiable need for approval
- Blackmailing other women in order to be the queen of the hill
- Living on a diet consisting of mainly nothing, diet coke and some artsy-farsty coffee drink. It never fails.
- Being bitchy
- Being generally hysterical
- Being a blast at parties by bitching and say things like "I don't eat sugar/snacks/filth like that" into the host/hostess' face
- Control issues. Oh, man.
- Excessive visible-bone flaunting
- Competing at everything and to everyone
- Staring bug-eyed at someone w the nerve to eat a Twizzler or bear claw in their presence
- Considering people over size of 00 to be subhuman
- The most common topics of conversation would be ramblings like these: "the baby, my lovelife, my life is complicated, i want to wait" and blah blah blah.

If you want to heal an SBS-patient in your circle, there is only one cure. You need a pair of boxing mitts, a cattle prod and some elbow grease. You do the math.
In fiction: (This is the digest, people. In real life the display of SBS is much more understated and takes time to discover)

SBS-patient (A glamorous FBI-agent, lawyer, surgeon) to a male model-like colleague: "You're smart, I'm pretty. I want your sperm because I can't have a baby with someone whose not as perfect as me. Its selfish not to have a baby. My baby's gonna be a doctor, no matter what. And beautiful. Or else I'll just not give a dang about it. But I can't be in a relationship with you because my life is too complicated. Of course."

Narrator out of nowhere: This, folks, is a classic display of Skinny Bitch Syndrome!

In real life:

Hostess: How was the souffle, guys?
Other friends: Absolutely scrumptious!
SBS-friend: "I really couldn't say. I'M on a diet." *looks smugly down on her untouched dessert*
by werallsonsofbitches January 29, 2010
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