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The handle in most passenger vehicles and trucks that is located in the interior of the vehicle above the door. Used in extreme driving situations where passengers do not wish to be thrown about the interior of the vehicle. Situations that warrant the usage of the "oh shit handle" include hard braking, abrupt cornering, skidding, careening off bridge. It is usually considered polite for driver to warn passengers before they feel obligated to use the "oh shit handle"
Me: "Mike, I am going to take the 25 mph turn at 55... better grab the os shit handle!"
Mike: "I've been holding the oh shit handle since you started the car!"
by Andrukas January 04, 2004
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The handle conveniently located above the window used to stabilize of oneself during turbulant driving. Can be found in most vehicles above passanger windows, and sometimes above the drivers' for extra convenience. Most often used in off-road environments, such as mudding, or auto-crossing.
Ian - "let's see if we can make it through this trench at 35 mph.."

Charlie - "OH SHIT" (reaches for handle and braces for impact)

Ian - "that was sick"

Charlie - "Thank god for the oh shit handle"
by Charlie Salev December 10, 2007
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A handle usually directly above the door or passenger window in a car originally designed to hang dry cleaned clothes. Since no one does this anymore, the only known purpose is for holding on for dear life when riding with new or non-drivers, the elderly, off-duty prison guards or people in other traditionally suicide prone lines of work, and henchmen on a violent carchase. The handles are usually grabbed with a cry of, "Oh shit!"; thus the moniker.
"OK Gordy, turn left at the pharmacy here. Yes, this corner. Well, just turn at the next blo...Jesus, watch out for the curb! Oh shit, Nik, grab the Oh Shit Handles!
by photogeek88 February 22, 2005
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The handle on the passenger side of the roof, which is grabbed by the passenger when they are afraid due to the drivers driving
John: My brothers driving was so scray last night - I had to grab hold of the oh shit handle
by HALBUD May 10, 2009
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The handle that is located above the car door on the interior of the car or across from the mirror on the outside of the car. Sometimes it is used for getting into the car, but can also be used for oh shit moments when the passenger wishes not to be tossed around the car on turns, hard breaking, or fast driving.
I hold on to the oh shit handle every time there is a turn or a hard breaking in the car to brace myself so I do not move around the car and get hurt.
by handlelover18 December 05, 2011
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the handle in most cars. Commonly known for hanging laundered garments. Also known for its use in grabbing upon during sharp turns or braking.
Hold on. Better grab the oh shit handle
by Bungalow Bill November 18, 2001
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