Off-license corner shop among the Germans in East London
I'm also broke, but what about offi and horror films at urs?
by Arschlund March 13, 2010
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British slang for off-licence, which in the US is called a liquor store
We are out of beer, I'm just popping to the offy to stock up
by apathetic May 28, 2004
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Oh For F%@! Yeah

Used as an expression for endorsement, support or excitement.
Friend 1: "i cant wait for this weekend! I'm gonna get drunk & reckless and urinate on a cat!!"
Friend 2: "OFFY!" or "Oh For F%@! Yeah!"
by Forry69 April 6, 2014
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Noun: Short form of 'off licence'.
A British pub has an 'on' licence (licenced to sell intoxicating liquor for consumption ON the premises). They used to also have a little hatch where you could buy drink to take away and this had an 'off' licence. All such purchases had to be consumed off the premises.
Nowadays Britons buy their take-out booze in a shop which is unconnected to any pub. These shops have to apply for the same 'off licences' from local magistrates and have retained the name.
Look at the time! It's wifebeater o'clock. Should I go and drink sociably and responsibly with mature friends in the pub and then return home in a quiet, orderly fashion without vandalising or vomiting; or shall I go down the offie and buy some dangerous-looking lager, go home and get wankered - all sorry and lonesome; vandalise my own home and vomit in every room?
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress September 16, 2005
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A retail outlet that enables the purchase of alcoholic beverages outside of public houses.
Mick, I'm goin down the offy to buy some booze, you want anythin?
by Joe Morris 123 January 24, 2007
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Corn ball, wannabe; being something that you are not.
George is an offie because he tries to fit in with the cool kids, and he is not cool.
by quiana September 3, 2003
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someone who is in desperate need of popularity, goes against the grain, an outcast, sits alone at lunch, is real awkward, and has many things wrong with their appearance
greg d at luch: hey guys, is this seat taken?
my friends and me:uhh..........beat it offie
by pat kopecki January 15, 2004
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