If sth is "off the table", there will be no more discussions about it.
by manaaa June 13, 2012
a song from ariana grande’s album “positions”, and its so underrated
“just wanna know is love completely off the table
by bkbabyy0123 April 5, 2021
When a persons cell phone vibrates a lot, because of constant text messages. so the phone makes an annoying buzzing sound.

It is a spin off of the phrase, "the phone is ringing off the hook". Now that we have text messages, we have the phrase, "your phone is buzzing off the table"
John's gets his 6th text message in 30 seconds

Tom: John, your phone is "Buzzing off the table"

John: Yea I know, sorry, I'm in an important convo.
by jhid June 10, 2009
defined from the word "Bar's Turd" (see bastard) it is the act where the Bar's Turd would be placed on a table and, in the hot day, would drip everywhere. The person who places the turd there is refered to as "dripping off the table"
person 1:- omg, you hit me, you are so DOTT(dripping off the table)
by elloll September 8, 2008
when Isaiah doesn't get his nasty ass foot fungus feet off of my nice, blue little table and we all gotta fuckin jump him in smash because he playin Ganon like the nasty bitch he really be. nasty funky lookin feet with the fungus from wario's ass

otherwise known as a total bruh moment
Isaiah get your feet off the fucking table bruh thats my good table i put food there bitch ass
by inkdoom July 22, 2019
I would curl your lil toes, flip you over, and keep pumping.
Hym "Yeah, somevody wanted me to respond to that so.... There. At least, that's what I did to the last one 😉 But that's neither here nor there. I already told you: OFF THE TABLE. You're practically my niece at this point and it's gross."
by Hym Iam January 14, 2023