Something that is crazy-good. A southern california slang term, making reference to a Richer-scale measuring earthquakes.
Man, those waves are "Off the Richter."
by So cal chief March 5, 2004
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A word used to describe something that was wayy cool or awesome, steller etc....
Hey matt did you see the new batman movie?

Yeah man it was Off the Richter!!!!
by Specialagent009 December 2, 2016
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Something that is too extreme to be measured. The Richter Scale is officially used for measuring earthquakes; anything above 7 is described as a major quake. Anything "off the Richter Scale" (or "Off the Richter") is therefore an extreme example.
by Where's Mike? November 14, 2008
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1. Something so epic that if was actual seismic activity recorded on the Richter magnitude scale, it would be off the chart.

2. Synonym for the word "ballin'"
"Did you see the quarterback audible for that game winning give and go play?"

"Yeah, man. It was off da Richter."
by papaK-rollin'blunts March 28, 2010
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Used by only the awesomest of people. Used to describe something amazing or not even explainably unbeleivable.
"dude, we went boardin' today and I landed a jump that was totally insane off the richter scale."

by ~zamalzia! January 6, 2009
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