The Richter is a final fuck you to your enemies and a creative masturbation tool. It’s when you use another mans severed arms to pleasure yourself as an act of revenge/spite after you Tear off said persons limbs or cause them to be forcefully removed from their body. It’s not “gay” if it’s for revenge!
Why “The Richter”? Well, remember when that Richter guy from Total Recall (1990 film) had his arms severed by that elevator? Quaid should have used them to jerk off as a final act of revenge/spite, because why not?!
by ArkaydeBroe February 3, 2018
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(adj.) 1. Totally awesome, moving, groundbreaking
2. Earth-shattering, beyond any measurement on the "Richter Scale"

Often coupled with "Bro." (Richter, bro.)
Dude, our spring break was fucking RICHTER, BRO!

- After my friend banged her out, I sucked on her titties.
- Dude, richter.
by michaelbam March 19, 2007
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The amount of ground shaking force produced by a fall, by any number of methods.
Dude, when Fat Joe fell off his skateboard, he richtered so hard, we felt it a block away
by Eyetye July 25, 2008
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a no richter is someone who is a bit of a mongo and can’t really spell, if ur reading this it’s from me the legend herself xoxo
that lass is a no richter she cannae spell anything
by Legendary ken February 24, 2019
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Huge, awesome, extreme, ridiculously great; as in "off the richter scale"; especially to describe surf conditions.
Dude, it was 20 feet easy; the outer reefs were richtering!
by AFDunne January 20, 2004
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Perpetually pointy nipples.

Some nipples are always pointy they never go down warm cold, no matter. Horney or not, no matter.
Look at the Richters in that haulter top!
by mad as hell May 26, 2004
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Richter is when something is extremely cool.
Man, that after party was straight richter
by Lil urchin July 28, 2017
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