A horrible place for many reasons.

The rules are extremely strict and some of them can be interpreted in different ways, and usually are, by the mods. You can get suspended or banned for almost anything. Recently I was modded for mentioning /b/ in a sentence. Dumbasses.

Most people there have no sense of humor and have their sarcasm detectors off at all times.

OT is plagued by religious debates. The wastes of time and air who post in them are some of the most vile people you will ever meet on the internet.
I was in OT on the Gamespot Forums yesterday and the whole first page was nothing but 17 religious threads 3 threads that were ripping off of a /b/ meme from two years ago.
by Bloodbath 87 March 7, 2009
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A place where unsure nerds make relationships with each other and outcast new users to make them feel unwelcome.

Don't even get me started on the moderators, you can TELL... you can TELL.. YOU CAN TELL that they are proud of their job 24/7. They would rather stay in 1 day than go outside because they would feel powerless in the real world, they have to hold back on walking up to a random stranger and telling them all about how amazing they are at modding people and letting the power get a hold of them. Lets just hope they never become a cop because they are the ones who taze, shoot, and kill people for no reason, I rest my case....no wait... CASE CLOSED!
I've been modded for by passing the censor on the GameSpot Forums just for typing b****

ONCE YOU GET BANNED, YOU CANT COME BACK, OH MY GOD, how badly I want to knock the nerd that made that rule.
by Johnny of the Johnno Clan July 14, 2009
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