Odessa is a girl where the perfect guy is sitting right in front of her but not notice it. She is very loyal she might not be popular but she has the best friends you could ever have. She is very beautiful but she turns all the guys down.
Hi Odessa!:)
by hvuksnbkbjfj n December 17, 2017
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Odessa is a very funny person! Obsessed with anime! Almost Odessa’s characteristics is long haired short people. They have exceptional eyelashes! Odessa will never fail to make you laugh! They are always messing around. If you know an Odessa keep them away from pigeons! They tend to pick them up!
‘Is she wearing fake eyelashes?’

Nope she’s just odessa
by betterthanelian123 January 15, 2022
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An Odessa is kind and thoughtful; always sensitive towards others' emotions. She is extremely smart and witty, but not in a nerdy way. She has beautiful blonde hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes. She is literally so hot she could turn someone gay. If you meet an Odessa, you really are one of the lucky ones. Hold on to her forever; she's pretty great.
Guy: Odessa is so hot!
Girl: I know right!
Guy: Hold up. I thought you were straight...
Girl: Not anymore!!
by Depressedlittlecrap November 28, 2019
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A sexy yet modest young woman with big ass tits and an ass. Really sexual and people love her. Usually used to describe a good friend who is gorgeous. Has luck with boys and makes a lot of ugly girls jealous.
Girl 1: omg look at her!
Girl 2: she's a total odessa..i wish i looked like her

Boy 1: holy fuck that girl is hot
Boy 2: i'd tap that...she's an odessa. totally sexy.
by bitcheswantme September 4, 2011
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1. A large port-city in Ukraine, located on the Black sea. Has borders with Romania, Moldova, and a sea-boder with Turkey.
2. The cultural capital of Eastern Europe.
3. The crime capital of Eastern Europe.
4. Probably the only city in the world where thievery and deception are not only seen as normal jobs, but actually seen as kinds of art.
5. A city where presumably 40% of the population are Jews, though they would not admit it.
6. Half of the Russian humor books' stories takes place in this city.
7. Some of the greatest theives and robbers of all times grew-up in this city.
8. A city, whose criminals could probably buy the police of the city if they wanted to, but they shouldn't since the police respects them.
9. A city that before the Revolution was tax-free, and was a center of attention for tourists, merchants, and cultural experts from all around Europe, but under the Soviet government lots it's beauty and livliness. Hopefully will rise again in the future and regain its' greatness.
10. If you visit the city, and by the time you return nothing was stolen from you, or you still have more than half the money you came with, nobody will believe you you was in Odessa.
Ah, Odessa... The pearl of the seas.
by Urban_Fellow October 10, 2006
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She is a nice girl who might have the perfect guy sitting right across from her but she will not notice. She is nice, caring and hot but she always turns guys down. She is smart in every subject but doesn't want to brag.
Hi Odessa!
by hvuksnbkbjfj n December 17, 2017
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a beautiful girl that is in every way shape and form is stunning.
she has wild hazel eyes that glow like little twinkling stars in the dark night sky.
she is funny and caring and plays with my heart like a volleyball
and even though she has garbage taste in music, i still love that girl to death
damn...did u see Odessa's newest ig pic? she's so fineeeeee🥵
by sk8board.p.be.my.og September 20, 2019
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