The state of being insignificant on your own birthday
Ajitesh is so obscure, his instagram handle should be Obscurity.
by September 17, 2021
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1. Hard to understand: Difficult to understand because of not being fully or clearly expressed.

2. Indistinct: Not able to be seen or heard distinctly.

3. Unimportant or unknown: not important or well-known.

4. Known to few people: Unknown to most people, e.g. because of being hidden or remote.

5. Dim: dark, shadowy, or clouded.

1. An obscure passage in the manuscript.
2. Its outlines are obscure, but the object seems roughly cigar-shaped.
3. An obscure portrait painter.
4. An obscure object.
5. An obscure corner of the hall.
by Jafje March 31, 2007
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A commonly used word in the dictionary of the Hipster.
Used to define something that 'you wouldn't understand' or 'probably never heard of'.
Hipster: "Have you heard the new Peter Bjorn and John album?"
Friend: "Who?"
Hipster: "Figures. It's pretty obscure."
by CellaraDoora February 26, 2011
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The practice of peppering daily life with obscure references (forgotten films, dead TV stars, unpopular book, defunct countries, etc.) as a subliminal means of showcasing one's education and one's wish to disassociate from the world of mass culture.
Jill has become such a master in obscurism that no one even knows what she's talking about anymore.
by Here's Your Definition December 1, 2015
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for someone to be extremely weird for what, very weird and sussy (sus)
steven is so obscure for what!
by non sussy crewmate February 24, 2021
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One who willfully hides information, especially to prevent others from attaining knowledge or wisdom; also, tending to obscure, pertaining to the act of obscuring.
"Why are you being such an obscurant!"
by Luddz June 6, 2015
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A term used to describe something that barely anyone knows about.
"Bruh, that Japanese retro game is hella obscure."
by Doomerzan September 30, 2020
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