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January 20th, 2009. Obama's inauguration day, also the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.
Person #1 - What are you doing today?

Person #2 - I'm buying guns and ammo by the truck load!

Person #1 - What? Why?

Person #2 - It's Obamageddon, duh!

Person #1 - We're fucked!!!
by dropkickallies January 20, 2009
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The coming hyperinflationary period which will also be known as the Great Depression II which actually started in 2008 with the stock market crash and will continue for possibly more than a decade. Symptoms of Obamaggedon include but are not limited to:
high unemployment
fiat currency failure
soaring gold/silver prices
99.9% of the people out there having no clue whatsoever.
Bob: The economy is recovering nicely, the worst is over now.
Me: No way, Obamageddon has just begun!
by Alonius February 17, 2010
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Already occuring; Obamageddon is what will happen if he wins the presidential election. The complete and total collaspe of the United States.
I keep worrying about the economy and Planet X coming. Man; I think armageddon is here.

It is not armageddon we have to worry about it is Obamageddon. He is out to destroy not just us but the whole world. He is sending troops everywhere.

Relax Susie; let's have an absinthe and enjoy the ride.
by ufopaul June 19, 2012
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the time when Obama will start WW3, the last of the remaining times before the world collapse from Obamacare and Obama policies, Referring to Obama following in the footsteps of Bush as a war faring President.
When we decide to strike Syria it will be the beginning of Obamageddon, Obamageddon started with the US bombing Syria
by Puparoo August 28, 2013
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