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Beyond being overwhelmed. When the day to day problems of life add up to where you feel your wall of problems has crashed down of you and there is now way out. You can no longer cope. You feel as if you are alone and drowning; struggling to get to the top, but you keep getting sucked further down.
Person 1: Hey why so glum?

Person 2: I got tsunamied.

Person 1: How so?

Person 2: I can't pay my taxes, the kids need braces, the price of gas is killing me and the car needs work, the cost of food is outrageous, and worst of all my 12 year old daughter is getting boobs and every misfit boy in the neightborhood is coming by. Man am I getting tsunamied.

Person 1: Good luck; no lifeline here.
by ufopaul April 25, 2012
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One who has a Pollyanna attitude and an ostrich mentality. This person thinks everything will be alright by sticking their head in the sand.
Wow...Planet X is here, NWO is here and the earth is shaking itself to pieces and he thinks all is fine; what a pollyost/polyost.
by ufopaul November 14, 2012
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Already occuring; Obamageddon is what will happen if he wins the presidential election. The complete and total collaspe of the United States.
I keep worrying about the economy and Planet X coming. Man; I think armageddon is here.

It is not armageddon we have to worry about it is Obamageddon. He is out to destroy not just us but the whole world. He is sending troops everywhere.

Relax Susie; let's have an absinthe and enjoy the ride.
by ufopaul June 19, 2012
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