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The pungent fishy stank coming from a ho that aint washed her cooter in a few days after she released her human caviar

an unwashed twat cunt funk

also bad breath caused by eating bad ,used up pussy the same as halitosis but with vagina juice
Dude that pussy would have been good but the pussytosis was so bad I could smell it thru her pants

The snail trax she left behind reeked of bad pussytosis
by puparoo July 29, 2011

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anal raisins

the small pieces of shit stuck in your pisshole after buttfucking a constipated man or woman

small chunks of turd around and in the cock
after i reamed his asshole all night i had so many anal raisins floating in the toilet it looked like chunky soup

man i had a hard time pissing out the anal raisins stuck in my pisshole

my cock was filled with so many anal raisins i couldn't even blow my load in his mouth and i was cum-clogged

she had so many anal raisins and kling-on's around her anus it smelled like a shit factory

the bitch was chewing on the anal raisins i shot in her mouth they were stuck in her teeth
by puparoo July 29, 2011

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the time when Obama will start WW3, the last of the remaining times before the world collapse from Obamacare and Obama policies, Referring to Obama following in the footsteps of Bush as a war faring President.
When we decide to strike Syria it will be the beginning of Obamageddon, Obamageddon started with the US bombing Syria
by Puparoo August 28, 2013

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