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The "twinkle in the eye" of female (and sometimes male) Obama supporters whenever Obama speaks. Typically a person experiencing an Obamagasm can be seen staring doe-eyed with their mouth agape while hanging on every word Obama is saying. Often, the person will be bouncing with excitement or swaying on their feet. Obama's inauguration in Chicago is considered to be the largest simultaneous "Obamagasm" the history of the planet has ever witnessed.

Those prone to having an "Obamagasm" are typically limited in their mental faculties and incapable of rational thought. They are stimulated by the "image" of Obama and the ideas of "hope" and "change," rather than by the content of Obama's words; which those prone to an "Obamagasm" are usually incapable of understanding or interpreting anyways. "Obamagasms" are typically so strong that anyone who has experienced one is likely still recovering from the climax and is still incapable of finding any fault whatsoever with the object of their affection and sexual gratification: Obama.
"Damn man, Obama came on t.v. at Starbucks last night and all the college girls who have never taken a Poly Sci class in their lives had an Obamagasm as soon as he started speaking! Took the janitor an hour to clean up the mess..."
by Dr. Hyde April 08, 2009
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The state of rapture displayed by democrats and liberal pundits over the prospects of Barak Obama in the 2008 Presidential race.
Did you see the old hens on "the View" having Obama-gasms this morning? It was embarrassing.
by james savik February 14, 2008
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The physical and emotional sensation many liberals experience at the very mention of President Obama's name.
The finest example of an Obamagasm was during the 2008 presidential campaign, when Chris Matthews said he "Felt this thrill running up my leg" shortly after then-candidate Obama had spoken at a campaign rally.
by fine tea June 22, 2009
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The orgasm-like reaction by democrats to anything Barack Obama says.
Obama eloquently read from the teleprompter and millions of mindless liberals just creamed their pants from a massive Obamagasm.
by VelcroTurkey December 14, 2009
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Heavy ejaculation in one's pants leg after hearing Barack Obama speak.
Chris Matthews had an Obamagasm after hearing the President speak. He had to leave the MSNBC set to change his slacks.
by Jaques online April 16, 2009
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Spontaneous orgasm which takes place while listening to Barack Obama speak. Can happen to both men and women, but especially to old black women with large hats.
Oh my God, Chris Matthews just had an Obamagasm!
by Doctor D. February 13, 2008
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The peak of excitement that occurs when Obama does anything good, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure, usually accompanied by celebration. Occassionally results in college students blowing their loads in their trousers at the sight of Obama winning a campaign.
After learning of the the 2008 Iowa Caucus results, Steve obamagasmed.
by p a freeman January 08, 2008
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