Definition of feeling someone or something.

Similar to using "I agree" in a sentence. Used when one can relate to another.

Plural: Felt these

Alternate definition:

When one "feels" or loves their outfit or article of clothing.
I saw that See Reverse for Care post and my immediate reaction was "Felt this".
I "Felt this" hoodie.
by See Reverse for Care November 22, 2021
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Similar to using same in a sentence. Used when someone says something you agree with, or feel similarly about. A shortened version of "I felt that"
"I'm so tired of this Coronavirus lockdown. I just want to go out and get drinks with some friends."
"Mhm, felt."
by bruhyer May 5, 2020
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To go broke in a poker game.
This word was coined by Phil Laak (the unabomber)back in the day when Lucky Chances Casino had a 10/20 NL HE game that
would go around the clock three days a week.
WTF P.O.S. hand could you have had there to get yourself
felted again?
by RAZEit April 2, 2007
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(verb) A slang term originated by Phil (The Unabomber) Laak that means one has lost all of their chips at a poker table, hence the broke player is left with only the felt table top in front of them.
Phil was chip leader, and felted Antonio when Antonio put all of his chips in with two pair vs Phil's full house.
by SavagePenguin February 6, 2010
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To lose all your chips in a poker game.
Dang, MaxRake felted my ass again!
by MaxRake June 1, 2005
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the act of agreeing non-verbally with someone with whom u share exclusive knowledge of easiness. "Being Felt": state of mind fulfilled when the peers around you agree and approve of your actions on a more than regular basis. Usually, one that is FELT must also abide to the rules of the Easiness.
2Pac is felt because he is known and loved and approved by the mainstream and his lyrics are the exclusive knowledge that is shared with the people that feel him.

by Nozhka, Founder of the Easiness December 22, 2006
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The act of taking all of an opponent's chips in a poker game, leaving him with nothing in front of him but the felt on the poker table.
"Simon just got felted with pocket rockets."
by ChrisTA87549 September 2, 2008
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